Main objective of Audit is to form an opinion as an auditor about correctness and reliability of financial statements and financial position of a business concern. Audit assures the stake holders as well as the management that the financial statements are reliable, free from any misstatements and that its internal controls are operating efficiently and within the framework suited to the organisation.

We at SSPA have a long & rich experience in this field. The firm provides a wide range of Audit and Assurance services to various types of industries in India.

We endeavour to achieve high standards of audit by:
  • Conducting audits in accordance with Scope of Engagement and Quality Control Standards (Accounting and Auditing Standards) issued by ICAI
  • Carefully studying and planning the audit assignment.
  • Effectively managing the engagement with frequent communication with clients.
  • Identifying areas for improvement and providing solutions and assisting in implementation.
Company Audits of Public & Private Limited Companies
Statutory Audits of several Public and Private Limited Companies.
Tax Audits 
As prescribed under the provisions of 44AB of The Income Tax Act, 1961.
Comptroller and Auditors General Audits (CAG) 
The firm is empanelled with CAG and has conducted Statutory and Tax Audits for Public Sector undertakings.
Transfer Pricing (TP) Audits 
As prescribed under the provisions of The Income Tax Act, 1961.
Audits of Nationalised and Co-operative Banks 
The firm is empanelled with banks and is involved in conducting Statutory Bank Branch Audits, Concurrent Audits, Stock Audits, Third Party Audits, Income Leakage Audits, etc. for Nationalized and Cooperative Banks.
Audits of Co-operative Societies 
The firm is empanelled for undertaking audits of cooperative housing societies, Credit Co-operative Societies.
Audits of Trusts 
The firm undertakes audits of Trusts under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950
Audits under MVAT Act, 2002 
As prescribed under the provisions of The VAT rules of Maharashtra state.
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